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Famous Faces of Summer Camps

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

Have you ever thought about what your bunkmates might be doing ten or twenty years down the road? Maybe you have said to one another that you want to come back some day and be counselors, division leaders, and maybe you even dream of being a head counselor. But did you ever consider that the camper in the bunk next to you may end up on the big screen, in the final seconds of the Super Bowl, or even behind a big wooden desk in the White House? Well it may seem crazy to consider now, when you see them all decked out in your camp gear and singing crazy songs, but this is the reality of many former campers around the country.  It is very surprising to find out how many of the who’s who in American society once found themselves spending their childhood summers in the magical places known as summer camps!

Here are a few famous faces that spent their summers at summer camps around the country:

Cindy Crawford, model Bob Dylan, folk singer
Tre Cool, Green Day drummer Jamie Lee Curtis, actress
Bill Clinton, US President Candice Bergen, actress
George W. Bush, US President Michael Jordan, professional athlete
Jeff Daniels, Dumb and Dumber Julia Louis-Dreyfus, actress
Robert Downey Jr., Actor Dustin Hoffman, actor
Conan O’Brien, TV Host Chris Farley, actor
Denzel Washington, actor Chevy Chase, actor
Ruth Ginsberg, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, Supreme Court Justice

What does our future hold? Maybe you will be your camp’s next claim to fame!

Because of Camp…

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

AFSC would like to thank Dagni Christian of Camp Laurel for the following blog…

We could talk about the benefits of camp from now ’till the end of the summer. But this month we’ll let the American Camp Association (ACA) do it for us.

Recently the ACA – an organization that educates leaders, ensures camp safety and accredits over 2,400 camps – created a short video. It ran in movie theaters across the country. Watch the video below:

In it, a number of celebrities highlighted their own camp experiences. Movie-goers learned that, because of camp…
  • Emma Roberts made lasting friendships with people she still keeps in touch with.
  • Hill Harper learned about self-esteem.
  • Lisa Loeb plays guitar.
  • Ashlan Gorse developed a personality. (Hey, that’s what she said.)
  • Lisa Raye turned out just fine.
  • And because of camp, actor Justin Chambers is sending his own kids to camp this summer.

For over a century, millions of other people have also been positively impacted by camp. For some, camp helped unearth a skill they never knew they had. Or fired a passion that is now their life’s work.

Because of Camp

For others, camp built a lifetime of memories. Or introduced them to one lifelong friend.

Camp is many things to many people. It is what you make it – and what young peers and caring adults help you to be.

Because of camp, I am who I am today. And because of camp, I welcome you to join me in a summer experience that lasts forever.

Because of Camp - Dagni

Can’t wait to see you this summer.

Dagni Christian
Camp Laurel