Month: August 2010

What We Learned from Camp

The shorter season camps have come to an end, and we asked parents and kids to share with us some of the lessons they learned from their first foray into summer camp. Martha and Jaden Martha was born and raised in Peru, and had no childhood experience summer camps. Last year, a family friend sent… Read more »

Bringing Tradition To Today: Making Summers Extraordinary

Every day at summer camp is exciting and busy, but every camper looks forward to those special camp events and traditions that are unique to each camp. I still have vivid memories of our camp talent show and the wonderful skit our staff put together using a sheet, a bright flash light and their own… Read more »

The Last Job of Its Kind — Camp Counselor

By now you probably have a pretty good idea about what life is like for campers at summer camps, but there is an entirely different world behind the scenes of summer — the life of a camp counselor. Imagine a job where you can make new friends, participate in fun summer activities and have unique… Read more »

The First Call Home

The first days at camp can be nerve-wracking – not necessarily for the campers, who are likely having the time of their lives with new friends and full days of activities and fun, but for the parents, who are waiting for word about how it’s going. The anxiety can be especially high for parents of… Read more »