Month: August 2011

Community Service

This summer, Camp Starlight, one of America’s Finest Summer Camps, implemented a new community service program.  For this week’s guest blog, we thought we’d share this one from Camp Starlight regarding the success of the new program: “This summer the upper camp girls participated in a new option period, community service.  The girls who had… Read more »

What I Learned at Camp

Another camp season has ended, but we know our campers are already thinking about next June.  This week’s guest blog comes from Camp Laurel because it expresses the enthusiasm (re: sentiments) of ALL campers–no matter which camp they call home–so well… “Summer is winding down. Wait – we just got here! That’s how fast camp… Read more »

A Look Behind the Scenes

Every day, we rely on a several teams of individuals to make camp happen.  Everyone knows about camp counselors, the people on the front lines, but not everyone is aware of the people who work behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly.  Running a summer camp really is more than showing up in… Read more »

Another Summer is Coming to a Close…

Here we are in August.  The end of camp is near and we can’t believe how fast another summer has flown by.  It truly is a privilege for us to be able to host so many campers each summer.  We’re sad that the Summer of 2011 is already drawing to a close, but excited to… Read more »

The Importance of Being Creative

Arts and Crafts at summer camp is more than just stringing together a few beads to make a bracelet or gluing some spray painted macaroni to a cardboard picture frame.  It’s a program that gives campers the opportunity to explore their creative interests in several different types of art by offering a diverse array of… Read more »

Taking One for the Team

They’re a staple of summer camp lore…Color Wars, although some camps prefer less confrontational terms, such as “Olympics”, “College Days” “Tribal”, or “Challenge”.   They’re steeped in tradition and every American summer camp has one, a competition usually held toward the end of the summer that, over multiple days, splits the camp into two teams… Read more »

Come Rain or Come Shine…

Do you ever wonder what happens at camp when it rains?  We assure you, it’s nothing like those scenes in movies that depict bummed out campers forced to spend entire days in their cabins or bunks .  Typically, it doesn’t rain all that often in the northeast during the summer and, whenever possible, activities proceed… Read more »