Month: November 2011

We at Summer Camp are Thankful for…

Every year around this time we pause to reflect on those aspects of our lives about which we are most thankful.  To celebrate this turkey day, we thought we’d share what makes us most thankful for summer camp: Our camp families: Without our campers, there would be no summer camp.  We’re thankful you value your… Read more »

It’s a Camp Thing

If you have children who attend sleepaway camp, work at a sleepaway camp, or know anyone who attends or works at a sleepaway camp, chances are that you’ve heard this at least once in your life: “It’s a camp thing.”  For those of you wondering what that means, here’s an exclusive look inside the world… Read more »

Choosing the Right Summer Camp Program

One thing that is essential to a successful summer camp experience is a solid summer camp program.  Sure, summer camp is full of fun activities, but scheduling those activities throughout the summer so that every camper has equal opportunity and experience can be challenging.  Some camps prefer to divide all of the daily activities equally… Read more »

Learning Self Reliance at Summer Camp

This week’s guest blog is from Camp Starlight… When the time comes to make the decision about sending a child to summer camp, many parents worry because it will often be the first time their children will be “on their own”.  How will they decide what to wear, what to eat, and in which activity… Read more »

Which is Right for You? Session Camp or Full Season

You’re looking through camp literature, checking out camp Facebook pages and camp websites and find yourself debating whether to send your child to a shorter session camp next summer or a full season seven week camp.  What’s really the difference?  Will my children feel like they had less of an experience of they attend a… Read more »