Month: February 2013

What’s the Weather Like?

The popularity of summer camp has spread in recent years, now regularly attracting children from all regions of the United States and abroad.  For many of these campers, it’s their first trip to the Northeastern United States.  So, naturally, one of the most common questions we get at America’s Finest Summer Camps is about the… Read more »

Everthing I Need to Know in Life…

Robert Fulghum wrote a great poem entitled “Everything I Need to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten.”  Since so many campers and staff members often speak of all of the valuable things they learn at camp, we thought we’d do a tribute to Fulghum’s original poem, as well as to all present and former campers and… Read more »

What Are the Bunks Like?

What are the living arrangements? This is one of the most common questions we receive from prospective parents.  Of course, we’ve all seen enough Hollywood interpretations to imagine our children living in everything from tents with cots to luxury facilities complete with common rooms furnished with ping pong tables and fluffy sofas.  The reality at… Read more »

Lobster–A Maine Tradition!

This week’s guest blog comes from the Laurel camps and showcases something as synonymous with the state of Maine as summer camp–LOBSTER! At the Laurel Camps, our mascots are moose. But as everyone in Maine knows, lobsters are as much a part of the state experience as moose. The first record of Maine lobsters dates… Read more »

Learning to Lose at Camp

Whether it’s a school spelling bee or a soccer game, as parents we want to see our children win not just to experience the joy of seeing them excel but because we know that they want to win.  Being raised in a competitive culture naturally makes us all want to be number one.  Children equate… Read more »

Camp Mom

Recently, we posted a blog how the staff who watch over children at summer camp.  To further expand on that point, our guest blog this week is from Lindsay at Camp Starlight regarding one of the essential members of not only Starlight’s staff but many other camps a well…The Camp Mom. One of the most… Read more »

Building Courage at Camp

For many camps, it’s reunion time, that midway point between summers when campers and staff get together to reminisce and plan.  This week’s guest post comes from Camp Weequahic and highlights the reunion experience: We were thrilled to recently host a Weequahic Northeast Reunion. Seeing our campers and their families during the year is certainly… Read more »

Making Decisions at Camp

If your child regularly spends a half hour in the cereal aisle of the supermarket choosing his breakfast cereal or takes the better part of a day debating whether he wants to go to the movies or have a play date with a friend, there is a somewhat underrated and under appreciated aspect of sending… Read more »