Month: April 2013

Learning to Be Resilient at Summer Camp

The guest blog this week was originally posted to the Camp Starlight blog on April 17, 2013. Resilience is the ability to adapt quickly to change or bounce back from setbacks.  In addition to the many benefits available to a child who attends summer camp, one that proves invaluable for many years afterward is gaining… Read more »

Bug Juice…Not Here!

The guest blog this week comes to us from Camps Laurel and Laurel South and explains how America’s Finest Summer Camps are dispelling some old myths about camp food: The sugary drink made from mysterious powder – a fruit punch with no resemblance to real fruit – may be the only “food” generations of summer… Read more »

The Efficacy of Downtime at Summer Camp

A joke telling session in the bunk during a rainy morning, lying in the bunk during rest hour, or sitting by the waterfront and talking with friends as the sun goes down are what we call downtime at summer camp.  Children need downtime to process learning experiences and recharge their creative juices, notes parenting expert… Read more »

Summer Camp: Otherwise Known as Mission Combat Boredom

Memorial Day is just around the corner and, soon after that, schools will be letting out for the summer.  If you and your significant other are already taking bets on how many days into summer vacation your child will get before proclaiming ‘I’m bored!’ don’t fret.   It may not be too late to combat summer… Read more »