Month: May 2013

Camp Internships

The guest blog this week was originally featured on the Camp Starlight blog on April 27, 2013.  We’ve decided to re-post it because if you’ve been considering a summer working at camp, whether as an intern or not, it’s not too late.  Some of America’s Finest Summer Camps are still hiring!  If you’re interested in… Read more »

5 Tips for First Time Counselors

You’ve accepted the position and completed the paperwork.  It’s official!  You’re about to spend your first summer as a camp counselor.  Naturally, a lot of people experience a few nerves in the days leading up to camp.  After all, even when you’re a grown adult, leaving behind your family and friends to spend the summer… Read more »

Camp: Independence, Excitement, Fun…and Even Some Nerves

The guest blog this week is from Camp Laurel South and addresses a very relevant subject with camp growing nearer: Nerves. It’s that time of year. Departure for camp draws ever closer. Excitement builds in the household. And for a first-time camp parent, anxiety is normal. It’s natural to worry about missing your child. Just… Read more »

Eye on the Bullseye

As long as there has been summer camp, archery has been a part of it.  Although the amount of available activities at summer camp has grown immensely since the early days of camp, archery still remains popular.  It’s a classic outdoor sport that doesn’t require the stamina or athletic prowess of, say, soccer, but a… Read more »

8 Million and Counting

< ![endif]--> According to the American Camping Association, 8 million children attend summer camp each summer in the United States. Will your child be one of them? 50 days (give or take a few) until the start of Summer 2013!