Month: October 2013

Watching Campers Grow

Campers may begin attending camp when they’re seven. They come in as frosh or juniors and you observe them. They’re young. They’re cute. You blink. They’re in upper camp. As a camp staff member, there are few things as satisfying as watching your campers grow older. Every year, you get to see them mature. They… Read more »

Evolving Camp Menus

If you’ve ever been to camp, then you know what s’mores are best made over a campfire, and that knish is the perfect side dish for a cookout or brisket meal. Campers who jump out of bed every morning and race to breakfast, hoping it’s an S Day Breakfast as well as those who can’t… Read more »

While You’re Waiting until June…

So, the summer of 2014 is still a l-o-n-g 8 months away. But here are a few things to keep you warm during the colder months of the year… 1.)    Opening day. Is there any better feeling than that moment the bus pulls up to camp, you step off and are immediately tackled by a… Read more »

Missing Camp

This week’s guest blog was contributed by a camper at Camp Starlight… It has already been more than a month since our amazing summer of 2013 at Camp Starlight came to an end. Through Instagram and Facebook, we have been frequently refreshing to see what camp pictures and posts have been uploaded. Texting and emailing… Read more »

Camp Souvenirs

It happens while you’re unpacking.  You happen on an oddity or two—or ten—in your child’s bag or maybe shorts pockets.  Crazy little circular chains of rubber bands (dozens of them!) seem to be tucked into every crevice of clothing your child could find; a water bottle filled with what appears to be sand and lake… Read more »