Month: December 2013

Like Father, Like Son

This week’s guest blog first appeared on the Camp Laurel blog on December 10, 2013, and is a nice reminder of what a great multi-generational tradition that summer camp can be for families. In 1977, Ron Scott, the former director of Camp Laurel, visited then potential camper Greg Racz’s father’s office. His mission: to talk… Read more »

Benefits of STEM Related Summer Camp Programs

STEM is a popular buzzword—or, more appropriately, acronym–circulating among educational circles, but it might not be a term one might expect to hear within summer camp circles. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math, four subject areas to which educators are increasingly striving to give students additional exposure, and summer camps are hopping on… Read more »

They Just Don’t Get It

The guest blog this week was originally posted on the Camp Starlight Blog on December 10, 2013. As the winter season is upon us, for many people, memories of the summer are fading but for a bunch of us, summer is still very much on the forefront of our minds. This is because we are… Read more »

Experts Agree: Camp is Cool

Our guest blog this week was first posted to the Camp Laurel South blog on October 10, 2013. Summer is over – which means camp directors can catch up on our summer reading. In the past few months, the media has been filled with stories examining the camp experience. A variety of writers extol it,… Read more »