Month: April 2014

의 캠퍼들은 어디에서 오나요?

만약 당신이 겨울 동안 캠퍼들의 지리학적 지역이 궁금하다면, 이번 주 윅에이 캠프의 게스트 블로그가 미국의 가장 훌륭한 여름 캠프를 포함한 많은 캠프들의 꽤 좋은 다양한 캠퍼들의 사진을 제공합니다. 대부분의 가족들은 캠프에 대해 배울때 훌륭한 질문을 합니다: 캠퍼들은 어디에서 오나요? 윅에이의 캠프는 20개의 다른 주와 10개의 나라에서 온 캠퍼들을 가진 축복받은 캠프입니다. 특정한 하나의 우편번호 또는… Read more »

5 Things for Camp Staff to Begin Thinking about in the Spring

June is less than three months away, snow covers the ground in many locations and you just barely finished making spring break plans, if you’ve committed to working at a summer camp, it’s already time to begin thinking about the summer. Here are five camp things to begin thinking about in the spring: 1.)    Make… Read more »

Adventure Abound

The outdoors and adventure are both synonymous with camp, so it’s no wonder that some of the most popular activities at camp involve outdoor adventure. Summer camp outdoor adventure programs of today have transcended the traditional nature walk (although those still occasionally happen). Outdoor adventure at camp truly incorporates “adventure” into the activities. Campers have… Read more »

Not Your Mom and Dad’s Arts and Crafts

Summer camp arts and crafts programs often conjure images of beading lanyards and tie dying. Indeed, crafts are still a large part of camp, but art is becoming equally as important. That is to say that camps are investing more in open ended mediums that encourage campers to use their creativity to create works of… Read more »

It’s Not Too Late…

Are you experiencing it yet? The ‘Oh no, summer is almost here and I still don’t have a summer job yet!’ panic? Maybe you visited a job fair a couple of months ago, met a camp recruiter, and briefly thought about working at summer camp. It certainly sounded like fun, and it would definitely be… Read more »

Countdowns and Stuff

For the millions of youth who call summer camp home each summer, excitement begins to grow exponentially just after spring break each year. Not only is the end of another school year just around the corner, but the beginning of another camp season is oh so close that campers can practically smell the campfires. A… Read more »

5 Things for Camp Parents to Begin Thinking about in the Spring

April is here, which means spring is just around the corner. More importantly, summer is only a couple of months away, which means it’s time to begin checking off that annual camp preparation list. No doubt, the idea that it’s time to begin thinking about summer is a welcome respite for many following a winter… Read more »

아이들이 캠프에 대해 이야기를 멈추지 않는 5가지 이유

만약 이번 년도에 이 일이 당신에게 일어났다면 손 들어보세요—왜냐하면 이것은 매 년 지금 일어나고 있기 때문입니다. 단순히 당신이 마침내—마침내—캠프 이야기를 마지막으로 들었다고 생각했을 때, 때가 온겁니다. 아마 그것은 캠프 비디오, 캠프 뉴스소식지…심지어 캠프 동창회의 초대장이었을 겁니다. 그것이 무엇이었던간에, 그것은 캠프에 관한 겁니다. 이것은 당신에게 우리가 또 다른 여름의 절반에 다가왔고, 이제 당신이 수상스키 또는 야구… Read more »

Les bénéfices des programmes de camp d’été liés au STEM

STEM est un mot à la mode — ou plutôt, un acronyme – qui circule dans les milieux éducatifs et qu’on ne s’attendrait pas à entendre dans le cercle des camps d’été. STEM signifie science, technologie, ingénierie (avec un e en anglais) et maths, quatre matières auxquelles les éducateurs s’efforcent de plus en plus d’exposer… Read more »