Month: June 2014

Why Summer Camp is More Important Now than Ever

As the digital age in which we live seems to be accelerating, it’s easy to dismiss traditions that are not technology focused, such as summer camp. There is an argument to be made, however, for why summer camp is more important than ever for that very reason. There is a lot to be said for… Read more »

Four Days and Counting!

The scene at summer camps all over the Northeast is very much like it is at Camp Laurel this week, which is why we’ve selected this blog as our guest blog this week. Our Staff Orientation is well underway as we get ready for Camper Arrival this Saturday!  We can hardly wait.  Camp looks amazing… Read more »

It is definitely summer when you know this is about to happen…

Over the next week and a half, campers will begin arriving at America’s Finest Summer Camps. To share the excitement they feel, we’ve selected a guest blog from Camp Laurel South. School is FINALLY over! The weather is warm. It’s summer. But as a camper, you know that it’s never REALLY summer until you get… Read more »

Camp Family

Over the next several weeks, campers will arrive at summer camps all over the country knowing that although each summer brings new surprises, it also brings the familiarity of a second family and home. For campers, camp is a touchstone of people, activities and events on which they can depend each summer. For those who… Read more »

Friendship Bracelets: A Storyboard of Summer

A chuckle-worthy camp confession recently spotted on Pinterest: “My wrists did not see sunlight all summer because of the bracelets.” Anyone who has ever attended or worked at a sleepaway camp is all too familiar with the “bracelet tan.” Of the thousands of camps across America, there is not an Arts & Crafts area that… Read more »

How to Have a Fun Summer at Camp

Campers: June is finally here and you’re about to head off to camp for the summer. Whether this is your first summer or your seventh, it’s completely normal to be a whole lot excited and even a little bit nervous. This just HAS to be the best summer EVER…as in epic! But do you ever… Read more »

“THE” Song of the Summer

Music is an important part of camp and, in many ways, defines the camp experience. That’s why we’ve selected this week’s guest blog, which was originally posted to the Camp Starlight blog on May 27, 2014. Every summer at Camp Starlight, there is that one song that it seems no one can get out of… Read more »