Month: December 2014

Staying Healthy at Summer Camp

When you combine the ease and affordability of fast food with the ability to literally record days worth of TV to be accessed at any time, your result is kids who are eating junk while watching junk. They are spending more time in front of a screen than they are playing outside. Sometimes the only… Read more »

4 Tips For The Perfect Cannonball

Things every camper should bring to camp to ensure an amazing summer: Extra underwear Bathing suit This classified, top secret, limited edition guide to doing the perfect cannonball. As the summer temperatures peak, most campers find themselves lounging around the beautiful swimming pools available at some of America’s Finest Summer Camps, or splashing the day… Read more »

Looking Forward to Summer Camp

As we head into the colder winter months, children are settled into their school routines and deep into schoolwork, homework and after school schedules. This is also the time of year for children to look forward to the carefree summer months ahead at sleepaway camp. For Americas Finest Summer Camps’ campers – and camp staff… Read more »

The Anatomy of S’mores

At Americas Finest Summer Camps, everyone looks forward to getting in on the action and making s’mores. But what is it about s’mores that gets us asking for – you guessed it – some more? The sticky, ooey, gooey, utterly delicious ingredients, that’s what! People say there is a National S’mores Day celebrated on August… Read more »