Month: February 2016

Benefits of Camp: Parent’s Perspective

In a world of Wiis, Xbox ones and 360s, nothing is better than real “whee’s” on the zipline, one on ones with friends and the 360 views your kids will get when they attend summer camp. Unplug your kids and find out how they can benefit. It’s an invaluable experience that allows them to develop… Read more »

10 Times Summer Camp Made You a Better Team Player

1. When your friend was missing home and you helped them feel better Missing home is totally natural, and a common part of camp life. Everyone feels that way at some point — even the counselors! Summer campers quickly learn that the best medicine is a good friend to remind you of how much fun… Read more »

7 Camp Songs That Always Rock the House

  Camp songs may seem a little crazy outside of camp, but if you’ve been to camp before you know these zany off-the-wall melodies are absolute classics. Repeat after me songs are great for kids, and plenty of fun for grown-ups as well! Trust me — no one can sing Hey Burrito without breaking into… Read more »