Month: May 2016

Fun rest hour card games for 2+ players

America’s Finest Summer Camps are busy places, so it’s important that campers get a little bit of down time every day to relax with their group. Laidback card games keep everybody smiling even if they don’t necessarily feel like napping. But what can you do if everybody isn’t on board to play Uno for the… Read more »

How the ropes courses at camp helped me conquer my fears!

High and Low ropes courses are designed to create a very special moment: that split second where you have a choice between doing the thing that’s challenging, and doing the thing that’s easy; and you choose the thing that’s challenging. Someone watching a ropes course in action might be tempted to think it’s all fun… Read more »

What did YOU do this summer?

“Okay, who wants to tell me what they did over the summer?” A teachers asks a classroom full of nervous students on the first day of school. She hears about trips to the Grand Canyon, a few kids spent a week at the beach, and a lot just respond with “nothing.”   But then there… Read more »

Woodworking: it’s back in style!

  Have you been keeping up on Parks & Rec lately? Yeah, so have we. (You have to do something when you’re waiting for summer to start, right?)   Here at camp pretty much everything reminds us of camp activities, but apparently we’re not the only ones: and Nick Offermans’ goofy woodworking-obsessed character has gotten… Read more »

Where I go all summer, and why I look so happy when I come back

Every summer students all over North America close their school books, say goodbye to homework and board the bus out to summer camp. For a few days, or a few weeks, they stay busy doing activities, exploring nature and making new friends. All that anybody hears from them is the occasional cheery postcard dropped in… Read more »