Month: December 2016

The Beauty of Camp

  Chelsea takes the subway to school every morning.  Justin spends his weekends hanging out downtown with his buddies. Evan can walk to movie theaters, restaurants, and museums from the apartment where he lives. These city kids spend most of their year surrounded by concrete, honking horns and tall buildings. And that is why they,… Read more »

Icebreakers Are Uncomfortable, But…They Also Work Really Well

We all know that feeling you get when you hear someone say “Now we’re all going to stand up and say something about ourselves…” or “find a partner and….” Or “we are all going to stand in a circle and….” We look around, wondering if we are the only ones who feel uncomfortable or want… Read more »

If I Had One More Summer at Camp, I Would…

Camp really does fly by. You are so busy all day long, that before you know it, you’ve hit the halfway point, and you blink again and you’re saying goodbye to your friends and heading home. Sometimes, when I’m looking back at old camp pictures, or I’m on the phone with my camp friends reliving… Read more »