Month: March 2017

Running Off the Energy of Camp

There is a buzz, an excitement, and an energy that you can feel in their air every morning when you wake up at camp. It’s a feeling that puts an extra pep in your step before your feet even hit the floor. Even camp staff and counselors who regularly need coffee to function admit to… Read more »

Camp Can Increase a Child’s Communication Skills and Why That Matters

  Dear America’s Finest Summer Camps,   I wanted to write to personally thank every camp counselor, director, and anyone else who was responsible for the incredible camp experience my daughter had over the summer. My daughter Kelsey wasn’t like other young teenager girls her age when it came to the communication department. Other moms… Read more »

The Value of Communal Living at a Young Age

We’ve all heard horror stories of terrible college roommates; the ones who are dirty or irresponsible or rude or have no self-awareness. It raises the question, if these people would have been exposed to more communal living experiences growing up, would they be better roommates as an adult? Living with others is a skill that… Read more »

How Camp Makes You Confident – Not Arrogant

The first time they arrive at camp, campers may feel anything but confident. Everything is new, people they don’t know surround them, and they aren’t quite sure what to expect. But as the days go by, they are constantly exposed to new experiences, adventures and activities that push them out of their comfort zones. They… Read more »

The Gift of Family Camp

  Looking for S’MORE Family Time? Sign up for one of our Family Camps this summer! Giving your child the gift of a sleep-away summer camp experience is one they will cherish for the rest of their lives. But what about kicking it up a notch? Why not treat your entire FAMILY to the summer… Read more »