Month: March 2018

Taking Your Skills to the Next Level

Camp Laurel Taking Your Skills to the Next Level   During the school year, athletes, artists and dancers devote hours a day to their skill. Kids see significant improvements thanks to the time commitment they put toward their favorite activities. But imagine what they could do if they had seven weeks to devote to learning,… Read more »

Inspiration is All Around Us

  Brant Lake Dance Camp Inspiration is All Around Us March is the biggest season for Dance in New York City. It’s exciting and inspiring. So, in spite of the “March in like a Lion and out like a lamb” weather, I love to go. Whether it’s the Paul Taylor Dance Company, AIley II, NYC… Read more »

Camp Friends are Forever Friends

Laurel South Camp Friends are Forever Friends Something camp friends will always appreciate about each other is the feeling that friendship is a two-way street. At camp, everything is about giving to the community; maximum enthusiasm, maximum caring, maximum friendliness. Everyone strives to give 100% at all times, because 95% isn’t enough to make the… Read more »

How Camp Makes Kids Better Eaters

  For some lucky families, dinnertime is an enjoyable and relaxing time to connect with family. For others, it’s like World War III. Whether kids are too busy chatting about their day to eat, or refuse to eat anything remotely healthy, keeping kids fed can be a challenge for many families.  Many parents are surprised… Read more »

International Women’s Day

Brant Lake Sports Academy International Women’s Day Did you know that March 8th is International Women’s Day? Who are the mentors and leaders in your life? From teachers to coaches, celebrities to parents, there are many people who can influence your life in positive ways.    At BLSA, our coaches are role models both on… Read more »

It is OK to Act Your Own Age

    How camp allows kids and young adults to enjoy being young. Many first time parents are guilty of rushing their babies from one milestone to the next, pushing them to sit then crawl then walk, while seasoned parents have learned to appreciate each step and understand how fast each stage flies by. As… Read more »