Month: June 2018

Arrival Day at America’s Finest Summer Camps

Arrival day finally came and every camp was bubbling over with excitement. You could feel it in the air, you could see it in the smiles, you could hear it in the high-pitched voices that people get when they can’t contain this feeling and you could touch it in the warm embraces between friends old… Read more »

The Joy of Unplugging for the Summer

Today’s world has become inundated with technology. Whether it be checking the amount of likes you received on your latest Instagram, scrolling through Facebook, or trying to take the perfect selfie, our focus on technology has overpowered our daily lives. Without the ability to live in the moment and appreciate our surroundings, technology continues to… Read more »

The Health Benefits of Summer Camp – Emotional Happiness

  Hey parents! Listen up! If you’ve heard about America’s Finest Summer Camps and have been trying to figure out summer plans for your child, you’re in the right spot! If you’re thinking about providing your kids with the summer experience of a lifetime, we’ve got two secret words that will get you one step… Read more »

The Camp Community

Going to a sleepaway camp not only transforms who you are as an individual but also has a profound impact on your life. Summer camp has the power to turn a few weeks of summer into an experience you will never forget. From the friendships and memories made, to the life lessons learned, true members… Read more »