Month: August 2018

The Push and Pull of Connection

There are lots ways to think of the word ‘connection.’ You can talk about connecting to someone on the telephone, joining two transistors, connecting to the wireless. You can also talk about connecting with other people. The first set of connections is mechanical – you plug pieces together or type in a few commands and… Read more »

The 5 Coolest Things About Night Time At Camp

When you think of summer camp, you may picture sunshine sparkling off the lake, outdoor picnics, slathering on sunscreen before jumping in the pool, or playing games outside until the sun goes down. And while this is very much a part of the America’s Finest Summer Camp experience, there’s something almost magical that happens at… Read more »

Bringing Camp Back to School

As we reach the end of summer,  many campers are now on the slow march towards back to school season. School is supposed the spot for learning and camp for fun, right? Well…. There are certainly differences between camp and school. The one that is most striking to me rests in the fact that camp reminds… Read more »

What Senior Campers Will Miss Most about Summer Camp

When you spend eight summers of your life at the same summer camp, you get to reflect on all the magic you’ve experienced and memories you have made at a place that is so special and unlike anywhere else. At America’s Finest Summer Camps, senior campers truly get to experience every single aspect of summer… Read more »