Sports Academy Women Lead the Pack

Brant Lake Sports Academy Women Lead the Pack!

Camp Directors Test Their Boundaries

My hunger for competition has only grown stronger as I grow older. As I juggle 3 kids with busy schedules, volunteer town board positions and a job, I realize that opening myself up to new athletic and social adventures has not only enriches my life but has set me up to be the best role model I can be both for my campers and my family. Whether it’s a spin class, a 5k or a triathlon, be active, stay, set goals and inspire someone. What are you doing today? Read more about Rachel




Sports Academy Supports Chloe

Kudos goes out today to Assistant Director, Chloe Grimes for completing her first ever NYC Marathon. “I set my mind to accomplishing this goal and if I wasn’t surrounded by such positive people, it would’ve been a hard goal to achieve”, says Chloe.

“It feels good to know that my Brant Lake Sports Academy girls were cheering me on every step of the way.”

Chloe’s sports interests range from little league softball to AAU basketball, which brought her to discover a professional career as an athletic trainer for a wide range of sports. In addition to running, she also plays Urban Professional League basketball. Learn more about how Chloe’s leadership guides Sports Academy girls during the summer.


Sports Academy Girls Can Too

Campers at Brant Lake Sports Academy are just like Chloe and Rachel. They learn what’s required to be a female athlete. In an encouraging environment, they can push themselves mentally and physically to be their best. We focus on improving the athletic skills of motivated, sports-loving girls by providing training in many different sports.

Our soccer, lacrosse, basketball and volleyball coaches are dedicated to teaching girls that they too can be empowered through sports. The nurturing and supportive environment at Brant Lake Sports Academy provides a unique place where girls can feel comfortable to push their limits and realize their potential on and off the field.