If I could go back to camp. . .

Star light, star bright,

first star I see tonight.

Wish I may, wish I might,

have this wish I wish tonight.

If you’re a summer camp alum, and you had some extra wishes lying around, would you use one to go back to summer camp? If you could go back today, what would you do?

We asked and you answered, on Facebook and on Twitter.

Here’s some of what your fellow camp alums had to say. We challenged them to finish this sentence:

If I could go back to Camp, I would:

… Flop in the lake…

… listen to the wonderful sounds of camp. Kids laughter, wind in the trees, splashing in the lake…

… say something stupid over the PA

… go to a cook out

…pause time as much as possible, to make every memory that much better, and to get know as many of the staff as possible!

…not even know where to start… or what to do with myself!


What would you do if you could go back to camp today? Use the comments section to let us know!