The Difference Camp Makes

Laurel South

Summer is over and it’s easy to spot the children who went to camp. They advocate for themselves. They’ve grown in their skills and interests. And they never stop talking about their summer. But campers share other similarities as well.

Being outside

Children who went to camp always want to play outside. They re-create games they made up with their cabinmates. They have the same rain-or-shine attitude about being outside and they tire more easily from video games and screen time. Campers know real memories are created through shared experiences.


Campers are surrounded by their peers from sunrise to sundown. They understand the importance of collaboration. They learn quickly when they work together they have more fun. They are happy to share their ideas on how things can be better and know how to listen and integrate input from others.

Working with Adults

Camp is all about having fun for campers, which is often facilitated by counselors. Having fun with and listening to counselors is a unique experience for children. They’re adults who haven’t yet lost their childlike wonder whose only agenda is to create a fun, positive and safe experience for their campers.