Camp Internships

The guest blog this week was originally featured on the Camp Starlight blog on April 27, 2013.  We’ve decided to re-post it because if you’ve been considering a summer working at camp, whether as an intern or not, it’s not too late.  Some of America’s Finest Summer Camps are still hiring!  If you’re interested in working at any of America’s Finest Summer camps, please visit their webpages for more information: www.campstarlight,com,,,

Almost every week we hear from a former staff member,  » I really want to come back to camp, but I think I have to get an internship this summer ». All this talk about internships got us thinking about our leadership staff, their backgrounds in and out of camp, and how much we really do offer at Starlight in many fields and majors our counselors are pursuing. You don’t have to just be in education or recreation to benefit from a summer at Starlight. We reached out to our key staff community that includes teachers, nurses, coaches, accountants, business managers, human resources, recruiters, facility managers, operation, transport and program directors and many more and they were as excited as we are about sharing their knowledge with you. A program was born!

Beginning this summer, Starlight will offer internship opportunities in education, public relations, marketing, finance, human
resources, food services, sports management, hospitality and more. As an Intern, you will be balancing your regular daily job responsibilities as a counselor first but will have an opportunity to work with an intern advisor to help complete your internship responsibilities. Starlight has the greatest leadership team with unmatched experience in all these fields and along with Allison Miller, our internship director, you will create a program to help achieve your goals for this internship. After the summer you will walk away with a tangible project and more importantly, real world, hands on, career building experience. This is a great way to have the best of both worlds. To learn more about how to network within our camp family and build your resume at Starlight, email [email protected]