Reflections of a Senior Camper

For parents, deciding when, or even if, to send your children to summer camp–whether it’s for a few weeks or seven–is a big decision.  They’re young.  You wonder if they’ll remember to brush their teeth or make their beds.  You want to know that they’re going to make friends and have fun every moment of everyday.  Sometimes the best people to speak in favor of summer camp are campers themselves.  The following is a blog from a senior camper at one of America’s Finest Summer Camps:

« Hello, my name is Kyle S and I’m currently sitting with my friends Carly and Sylvie and we have decided to render on the past times of Camp Starlight.  Throughout the past seven summers here, the meaning of camp has transformed tremendously.

Arriving on this beautiful campus seven summers ago, I came as a stranger, not knowing what to expect.  Would I make friends?  Could I last seven weeks away from my parents?  Will I be able to play sports several hours of the day?  Questions similar to these flooded my eight year old mind but within that same summer I had made my best friends and now, in 2011 those girls have transitioned into my sisters.

As an Upper Senior I can laugh at the questions plaguing my young junior mind.  My friends are my sisters, seven weeks isn’t enough time away from my parents and I wish there were more hours in the day to do the things I enjoy so much!  Camp has easily been the best thing I have ever experienced and I am so thankful for my time spent here. »

Well said, Kyle!