Étiquette : America’s finest summer camps

Which is Right for You? Session Camp or Full Season

You’re looking through camp literature, checking out camp Facebook pages and camp websites and find yourself debating whether to send your child to a shorter session camp next summer or a full season seven week camp.  What’s really the difference?  Will my children feel like they had less of an experience of they attend a… En lire plus »

Where is Your Ideal Summer Camp?

You’ve begun to think about summer camp, hope to have your prospects narrowed to a handful by the first of the year, but are struggling with how far you should expand your search area for potential camps.  How far is too far? The “right” answer to this question is very different for many families and… En lire plus »

Camp is…Friends, Skill, and Fun

The featured guest blog this week is from Camp Laurel South… « The clothes have been washed (and washed again). The sleeping bag has been aired out. The stories have been told – many of them, anyway. Right now, camp takes a back seat to the new school year. It’s a little early to think about… En lire plus »

Summer Camp: Defining Routine and Ritual

Routines.  Everyone has them.  For some, they encompass everything that takes place from the time we wake in the morning until we go to bed at night.  For others, they come in short bursts throughout the day, such as at mealtimes or bedtime.  However, establishing routines as daily parts of our lives is important, especially… En lire plus »

Camp Tools for School

This week’s guest blog comes to us from Camp Weequahic Director Cole Kelly and features some helpful advice for campers about how to apply what they learned at camp in school. « Well campers, it’s time for school. I know you’d rather be at camp – so would I! However, it’s time to leave your camp… En lire plus »

After Camp: Keeping the Camp Momentum Going

Sure the kids are home from camp and are settling back into their school routines.  Maybe they’re still a little bit camp sick, but it’s possible to keep the camp momentum going throughout the year.  Here are a few suggestions we thought we’d pass along. Talk about camp with them.  Not only do children love… En lire plus »

Making Global Connections

One thing that isn’t entirely evident to people who’ve only recently begun to familiarize themselves with the world of summer camp is the level of connection that it provides, not just to a regional network of people, but to those from different states and even countries.  The campers and staff members that make up America’s… En lire plus »

Camp Sick

The summer of 2011 is over, a new school year has started, everyone has finally unpacked their camp bags, and now the wait for the summer of 2012 begins.  Ten months isn’t really that long.  Every year we manage to wait it out.  But when it’s September and the fun times we had this past… En lire plus »

Community Service

This summer, Camp Starlight, one of America’s Finest Summer Camps, implemented a new community service program.  For this week’s guest blog, we thought we’d share this one from Camp Starlight regarding the success of the new program: « This summer the upper camp girls participated in a new option period, community service.  The girls who had… En lire plus »

What I Learned at Camp

Another camp season has ended, but we know our campers are already thinking about next June.  This week’s guest blog comes from Camp Laurel because it expresses the enthusiasm (re: sentiments) of ALL campers–no matter which camp they call home–so well… « Summer is winding down. Wait – we just got here! That’s how fast camp… En lire plus »