Friendship without borders: a day of international summer camp life


Summer camp life is centered around the three core values ​​of friendship, family and tradition – and of course the experience of international camps is no exception!

Whether it is a foreign camper who wants to experience American culture or a local camper who wants to experience the culture of the international summer camp, America’s Finest Summer Camps offer campers a chance to get in touch with new cultures. (Plus, you’ll enjoy the fun of sports, singing around the campfire, and playing by the lake!)

Common values

Campers in the international camp may come from different countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, China, South Korea, etc. But the common reason for everyone to participate in the international camp is: a traditional American cultural experience that is still fresh in memory.

After arriving at the camp, the counselors will emphasize that the campers learn to appreciate the differences in various cultures and also emphasize the commonalities of people.

Every one of us loves the family, and everyone loves to laugh. Regardless of whether you have seen bonfires, marshmallows or fireflies in the past, the first time you sing around the campfire with the international campers will be an unforgettable memory for every camper.

Fun: Common Language

Although English is the official language of the international camp, campers from different countries can share and experience different languages ​​and cultures. Perhaps you will accidentally find other campers who speak the same language to joke with you. “Wow, you speak Spanish too!”

Experience the United States

The main reason for attracting international campers to come to North America is to hope to experience the traditional American culture… Of course, the experience of culture after the international camp is two-way!

When it comes to American tradition, it is hard to have a more typical example than the summer camp. From the flag-raising ceremony in the morning to the ridiculous songs around the table at dinner, the seemingly normal routines for the old campers returning to the summer camp are fascinating for the youngest partners from Europe and Asia. Plus, who doesn’t love an evening spent making s’mores around the campfire?

Thanks to the excellent counselors of the camp and the traditions of the past decades, every international camper can come home with good memories and countless stories.

Camper Friendships

Friendship has no borders. In the era of rapid modernization of the world, most of the partners are still unable to effectively contact and communicate with their peers in other countries.

The international camp offers children the ability to make face-to-face friendships with other campers from around the world.

Happy Times at Camp

Whether camper’

Whether it’s making good friends overseas or learning about a country’s language and traditions, the experience of the international camp will be a wonderful and profound memory for every camper.

Even if you have never gone abroad, a summer at America’s Finest Summer Camps will definitely bring you an international experience!