From Where Do Weequahic Campers Come?

If you’re wondering about the geographic regions campers call home during the winter, the guest blog this week from Camp Weequahic offers up a pretty good picture of the diversity of campers at many camps, including America’s Finest Summer Camps.

Most families ask a great question when learning about camp: From where do your campers come?

We are blessed at Camp Weequahic to have campers from 20 states and 10 countries. Rather one particular zip code or region getting up and coming to camp, we have pockets of campers from all over – up and down the East Coast as well as California, Colorado, Ohio, and Texas. We also have a small but vibrant population of campers from countries such as France, Switzerland, Venezuela, England, Spain, Russia, Mexico, China, Brazil, and Chile.

This diversity provides a couple of great benefits for our community. First, it allows children to get to know about other cultures both inside and outside of the US while all having a great time at camp. Campers not only enjoy keeping their camp friendships going with those in their local area but also across great distances.

The second major benefit of a diverse population is that new campers have a much easier time becoming an integral part of our community. Those first few days are so important and coming into a bunk with everyone except you coming from the same spot in the country can be daunting. With children coming from so many different spots for the first time, it makes those first few days much easier in terms of building friendships.

We are thrilled to continue to grow our diversity at Camp Weequahic while keeping everyone focused on building friendships, new skills, and having the best summer of their lives!