An Ode to Bunk Junk: Less is More

This week’s guest blog is from the Camp Starlight blog….

Have you ever walked into your child’s room or playroom and thought, “What happened, did a tornado come through here?” So cluttered, so messy that you can’t even think straight?  We try our hardest at Camp Starlight to not let the “Bunk Junk tornado” run through our bunks.

A small amount of Bunk Junk is great! Games to play during rest hour in the bunk, stationary to write home with, books to read, Rainbow looms or friendship bracelet kits.  Each camper has a designated spot for all of these items, and it’s under their bed. At Starlight, all bunk junk must be able to fit into a specific sized “Underbed Box” to keep bunks clean and organized. When campers bring too much Bunk Junk, it becomes an unorganized mess. Inevitably games, toys, and letters can get lost, broken, or accidentally thrown away during a massive clean out of the dark abyss of their underbed.

When you send your campers trunks up, make sure all of their bunk junk can fit, neatly, into the “Underbed Box.” This includes sticker books, rainbow loom/string boxes, stationary sets, and dress up clothes! And don’t forget to think twice about if your child will actually use the items you are sending. In the realm of packing Bunk Junk, use the golden rule: Less is Definitely More.