The Magic of Camp Starlight


Camp Starlight has been the backdrop for lifelong summer memories for over 70 years. It is a place that holds a special place in the hearts of thousands of campers, and its focus on tradition is what keeps campers coming back year after year. Camp Starlight knows how valuable camp traditions are, and why they play such a huge role in the overall camp experience. While there are certainly surprises and new things to explore while at camp, there are some things that have been done the same way for decades, passed down from generation to generation, that makes campers feel like they are part of something special.


There are special songs, evening programs, activities, sayings and other special elements of camp that have a deep rooted history, and campers take these traditions very seriously. They understand and feel connected to the thousands of campers who have jumped in the lakes, played on the fields, and sat around the campfires before them, and find peace in taking part of a ritual that has been the foundation for memorable summers before them. Each camper experiences Camp Starlight in their unique way, but the special traditions unite and unify campers, and leave a lifelong impression on each one. Not all sleep-away camps are created equal, and Camp Starlight’s age-old traditions and rich history make it the best place to get the true summer camp experience.