Sparking Interest and Developing Skills at Camp

Laurel South:

Camp means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For first time campers, it’s about trying new things and making new friends. Counselors revel in the idea of sharing their passion every day in a new place. Parents know that Laurel South instills confidence, allows campers to take safe risks, and helps them develop their social, physical and emotional skills.

At Laurel South, our counselors are very skilled in the activity they instruct. Our athletic fields and courts are populated by college athletes. Our InterArts program features many counselors majoring in their chosen fields. The same can be said up and down our staff roster in Adventure, Special-Areas and the Waterfront. Our counselors also have a strong desire to share their craft while working with children. This creates a unique environment of understanding and skilled counselors, willing to meet each camper at their current ability level.

Ask our counselors how they first got involved in their activity and they’ll light up with memories of their early coaches and teachers. They remember someone else taking the time with them and want to have a similar impact on their campers. Counselors understand that campers need to have an excitement of a new craft before they begin to develop skills. Coaches and instructors are thrilled to spark an initial interest in an activity and are talented enough to develop campers’ skills. And while campers may not realize how life-changing that is immediately, they’ll look back with fondness on their summers at Laurel South when they realize how they first found joy into their favorite activities.