Campers Teach Counselors Valuable Lessons

Throughout a normal day at Camp, campers will be often asked what they learned that day. Did they master a new serving technique in tennis? Did they learn how to overcome stage fright for the play on Saturday night? There are many lessons a camper can learn from their counselors, but there are also many… קרא עוד »

The Value of Communal Living at a Young Age

We’ve all heard horror stories of terrible college roommates; the ones who are dirty or irresponsible or rude or have no self-awareness. It raises the question, if these people would have been exposed to more communal living experiences growing up, would they be better roommates as an adult? Living with others is a skill that… קרא עוד »

Icebreakers Are Uncomfortable, But…They Also Work Really Well

We all know that feeling you get when you hear someone say “Now we’re all going to stand up and say something about ourselves…” or “find a partner and….” Or “we are all going to stand in a circle and….” We look around, wondering if we are the only ones who feel uncomfortable or want… קרא עוד »

If I Had One More Summer at Camp, I Would…

Camp really does fly by. You are so busy all day long, that before you know it, you’ve hit the halfway point, and you blink again and you’re saying goodbye to your friends and heading home. Sometimes, when I’m looking back at old camp pictures, or I’m on the phone with my camp friends reliving… קרא עוד »

How Summer Camp Can Help Improve Self-Confidence

There is nothing better than walking into your first day of school with confidence and a positive attitude.  Knowing that you look good, feel good, and have everything you need to make this an awesome school year is a great way to start the year. As kids get older, there are many things that they… קרא עוד »

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Break Your Usual Routine

It is pretty hard to step out of your comfort zone you are literally in your comfort zone. Being in the comfort of your own home makes breaking your normal routine a little difficult.  When you are at home, you find that you are always waking up in your same room, eating breakfast at the… קרא עוד »

I Return to America’s Finest Summer Camps Because…

My older brother started going to camp when he was younger, and I remember picking him up from the bus up at the end of the summer each year and being so excited to hear about all of the things he got to do. I was beyond excited when it was finally my turn to… קרא עוד »

The Art of Friendly Competition at Camp

  Since before the training wheels were even taken off of my bike, I’ve been playing sports. My older brothers were all exceptional athletes which put a lot of pressure on me; I was constantly being compared to them and thus was always being pushed to run faster, train harder, and jump higher. There was… קרא עוד »

Camp is Like Disney World, But Better

They say Disney is the most magical place on Earth, but ask any kid who has spent the summer at one of America’s Finest Summer Camps, and they’ll beg to differ. They’ll tell you of a place that feels magical, that sparks their imagination, a place they can’t wait to get to and a place… קרא עוד »