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Going on a Hike… More than Just Good Exercise!

When you hear the words “summer camp,” you probably think of three things right away: campfires, friendship — and nature. Without any of these essential elements, camp just wouldn’t be the same. Spending much-needed “digital detox” time in the woods is what brings many of us back year after year, so it’s no surprise that… קרא עוד »

Il campus ha cambiato il mio bimbo

Ero emozionata e nervosa per il fatto di dover mandare mio figlio Connor quest’anno in uno dei migliori campus estivi americani. Il migliore amico di Connor era andato nel campus l’estate scorsa e ne parlava con entusiasmo. Quindi, dopo tante ricerche e discussioni, abbiamo deciso di consentire a Connor di trascorrere l’estate lontano da casa…. קרא עוד »

El campamento cambió a mi hijo

Me sentía nerviosa y emocionada de enviar a mi hijo Connor a America´s Finest Summer Camps este año. Su mejor amigo había asistido a un campamento de verano antes y no podía parar de hablar sobre él. Así que después de mucha investigación y discusiones, hemos decidido permitir a Connor pasar el verano afuera. No… קרא עוד »

La colonie de vacances a changé mon enfant

J’étais à la fois stressée et excitée d’envoyer mon fils Connor cet été dans une des meilleures colonies de vacances des Etats-Unis. Le meilleur ami de Connor était allé en colonie de vacances l’été d’avant et n’arrêtait pas d’en chanter les louanges. Alors après de nombreuses recherches et discussions, nous avons décidé de laisser Connor… קרא עוד »

How to make cool shadow animals with your flashlight!

As night falls over America’s Finest Summer Camps, the loud and crazy activities of the day give way to the whispered and wonderful activities of the evening. Bedtime stories, chilled-out card games, and friendly chatter fill the hour between returning inside and falling asleep. As a camp counselor, you will always need plenty of fun, surprising… קרא עוד »

Lights! Camera! Action!

  I could hear my heart pounding in my chest and I felt like I was going to throw up. I could hear the whispers of my fellow campers just behind the curtain, and I became absolutely certain that this was a very very bad idea. And then, like slow motion, the curtain lifted and… קרא עוד »

Sailing the high seas… or the camp lake!

  Camp is filled with activities that allow you to learn new skills and test your limits. Perhaps one of the most unique activities here at America’s Finest Summer Camps when it come to having a blast and building character is sailing. Sailing teaches many skills; how to tie nautical knots, understand the weather, and… קרא עוד »

5 Ways international camps expand camper horizons

Summer camp is already super fun. So as you can probably imagine, adding international campers and counselors to the mix turns up the fun-dial even higher! …But international camp isn’t just the same camp activities and friendships with a few exotic accents thrown into the mix. The secret sauce that makes international camp so special… קרא עוד »

Baseball fever at summer camp

  Baseball. The crowd going wild while a player steals home. The smell of popcorn and hot dogs in the bleachers. Afternoons playing catch with the family at the park. Generations of American tradition, all wrapped up in one game. Much like summer camp, baseball is something that many of us take for granted as… קרא עוד »

More Than Just A Lake

There are many things notice when they arrive at camp the first day. They notice the cabins, all of the new faces, the baseball fields, ropes course, tennis courts and acres and acres of open space to run in, play in and explore in. But one of the most breathtaking and exciting parts of camp… קרא עוד »