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Helping Campers Reach New Heights

Down at Outdoor Adventure, survival skills and the rush of adrenaline fill my day. With the ropes courses, zip line, rockwall and woods, everyday I help campers achieve new goals and help them face their fears which is why I believe I have the best job on campus. Every day I interact with campers who… קרא עוד »

Spending a Summer at Camp Weequahic

For a first time summer camp experience to remember, there’s no better place to spend your summer than Camp Weequahic. Specializing in first time campers, this exiting sleep away camp gives campers a unique camp experience based on a flexible program where their parents can choose from a wide range of options and choices to… קרא עוד »

America’s Finest Family Camp Vacations

For many international families, making a trip to the United States is high up on their bucket list. Many parents want to give their children the gift of travel and expose them to different places and cultures in order to better shape their understanding of the world. Planning a trip to a brand new country… קרא עוד »

The Beauty of Camp

  Chelsea takes the subway to school every morning.  Justin spends his weekends hanging out downtown with his buddies. Evan can walk to movie theaters, restaurants, and museums from the apartment where he lives. These city kids spend most of their year surrounded by concrete, honking horns and tall buildings. And that is why they,… קרא עוד »

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Break Your Usual Routine

It is pretty hard to step out of your comfort zone you are literally in your comfort zone. Being in the comfort of your own home makes breaking your normal routine a little difficult.  When you are at home, you find that you are always waking up in your same room, eating breakfast at the… קרא עוד »

The Importance of “Rest Hour”

Fact: At camp, you are “go, go go.” From the moment you wake up, your schedule is packed with things to do. Some days you’re out at the lake all day, other days you are singing, dancing, acting, crafting and creating from the moment you open your eyes until you fall asleep. Your days are… קרא עוד »

I Return to America’s Finest Summer Camps Because…

My older brother started going to camp when he was younger, and I remember picking him up from the bus up at the end of the summer each year and being so excited to hear about all of the things he got to do. I was beyond excited when it was finally my turn to… קרא עוד »

9 Lessons a counselor learns from their campers

  Everyone that arrives at summer camp leaves with a profoundly changed outlook on life. Like many camp counselors, I expected to learn a lot from the experience. What I didn’t expect was for so many of the things I learned to come from my campers!   It turns out being a role model can… קרא עוד »

What did YOU do this summer?

“Okay, who wants to tell me what they did over the summer?” A teachers asks a classroom full of nervous students on the first day of school. She hears about trips to the Grand Canyon, a few kids spent a week at the beach, and a lot just respond with “nothing.”   But then there… קרא עוד »

Woodworking: it’s back in style!

  Have you been keeping up on Parks & Rec lately? Yeah, so have we. (You have to do something when you’re waiting for summer to start, right?)   Here at camp pretty much everything reminds us of camp activities, but apparently we’re not the only ones: and Nick Offermans’ goofy woodworking-obsessed character has gotten… קרא עוד »