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Preparing Children for a Global Life

This week’s guest blog comes from Camp Weequahic: The world is shrinking. It’s a line you hear over and over because it’s true. First, steamboats and railroads made it possible to ‘easily’ travel distances once thought unimaginable. Then airlines made it possible to get anywhere within 24 hours. Now, the internet and our smartphones allow… Leggi altro »

Summer Camp Helps Children Maintain Routine

Summer camp is a lot of fun.  One need only ask any camper on virtually any summer camp campus to confirm that notion.  Children love the activities and the relatively relaxed environment of sleepaway camp.  However, there is something else that summer camp children crave, although they might not know it:  structure.  Dr. Laura Markham… Leggi altro »

It’s a Small World after All

The guest blog this week is courtesy of Alyson, Assistant Director of Camp Starlight As we go about our everyday, it is easy to think that the world is made up of just our friends, family and the people we see on a regular basis. We associate and spend time with people from similar places,… Leggi altro »

Ladies and Gentlemen…

Maybe your child regularly practices his or her acceptance speech for the Academy Awards–or maybe you have a child who just likes to occasionally brush up on his her acting skills–or maybe still you have a child who is merely curious about exploring the world of theater.  Whatever your child’s level of passion, summer camp… Leggi altro »

Re-asserting the “Team” in Team Sports

Whether your family lives in a large city or a small town, there is likely not a shortage of organized sports  for children. Increasingly, the emphasis of team sports is less about what it means to be a member of a team and more about being the MVP of a winning team.   As a result,… Leggi altro »

Camp Senses

The unseasonably warm and pleasant weather seems to be bringing on summer faster.  The flowers are blooming, the birds are back, and the days are sunny. It’s hard not to take advantage of the opportunity to prematurely engage in all of one’s favorite summer activities a little bit.  The other day, my sisters and I… Leggi altro »

The Joy of Quiet

The guest blog this week is courtesy of Camp Laurel: A recent New York Times story calmly – but strongly — extolled “the joy of quiet.” Essayist Pico Iyer noted that the average American teenager sends or receives 75 text messages a day. (Parents, don’t shake your heads: The average office worker spends no more… Leggi altro »

The Social Network–Summer Camp Style!

Our guest blog this week is courtesy of Patrick at Camp Starlight… If most Camp Starlight campers were asked to close their eyes and think about camp, their minds would be flooded with memories of times in the bunk, at campfires with their friends, winning a Wayne County game, or shaking their napkin in the dining hall…. Leggi altro »

C’est l’heure de choisir une colonie de vacances

Les feuilles tombent des arbres et le temps commence à se rafraîchir, mais il n’est pas trop tôt pour commencer à réfléchir où vous enverrez vos enfants en colonie de vacances l’été prochain. Les colonies de vacances aux États-Unis ne manquent pas et trouver le bon endroit pour vos enfants est essentiel à leur succès…. Leggi altro »

Three Steps to Joy

For the holidays, we’re featuring an aptly themed guest blog  about “joy” written by Cole Kelly, Director of Camp Weequahic: As school lets out and families spend time together at the end of each year, we spend a lot of time wishing ‘Joy’ to one another. It is a joyful occasion, is it not? Parents… Leggi altro »