Athletics at Camp: Good for the Body, Good for the Mind!

Being active is good physically and emotionally!

America’s Finest Summer Camps combine the classic traditions of summer camp, like s’mores around a campfire and exploring the outdoors, with the physical activities that are designed to challenge campers both mentally and physically.

Spending the summer at camp means having ample opportunities to improve upon a skill you already have or to learn something new. There are team sports and individual sports, giving everyone a chance to find a sport that fits them. The beautiful thing about athletics at camp is that campers learn so much more than the rules of the game. Participating in athletics at camp not only makes you a better athlete, but it makes you a better person.

Camp Athletics: Good For The Body

Camp is a safe place to try new things. Sports at camp push campers out of their comfort zones while still ensuring they are being safe and having fun. Campers are taught the rules of the game and given appropriate equipment to ensure they can play their best, regardless of their skill level. Sports like soccer, baseball, basketball, lacrosse and roller hockey require you to work on speed, agility, and coordination. Gymnastics and dance is an excellent option to improve balance and flexibility, and fitness classes and cheerleading are sure to get your heart rate up. Regardless of your fitness level or ability, everyone can experience the joy of participating in sports. 

The habit of getting outside and getting your heart rate up is something that you can implement into your lifestyle far after you leave camp. Focusing on getting daily exercise, along with learning to balance your meal choices and getting enough water each day helps to build a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Camp Athletics: Good For The Mind

Sometimes, just trying a new sport can do wonders for your self-esteem. You can gain a new level of confidence from simply trying something you didn’t think you could do. This is just one example of how athletics are such a vital part in summer camp character building. Participating in sports fosters teamwork and accountability, patience and persistence, and effective communication skills. Practicing a sport over and over engrains the discipline and healthy habits into growing campers. It has also been proven that children and teens who play sports get better grades and have a more well-rounded social circle. Athletics can be a great stress reliever and improve problem-solving skills.

Another great thing about playing sports at camp is that you are playing for fun. There is no pressure from sideline parents and no scouts to impress. Campers simply play for the love of the game. You are allowed to play without the fear of making a mistake or disappointing your team. Everyone is on the same team. Campers learn how to enjoy healthy competition, and handle both winning and losing with grace.

At America’s Finest Summer Camps, you get the traditional camp experience with a bonus: endless opportunities to improve your mind and your body and to have a lot of fun while doing it. Campers can focus solely on one sport or branch out and try them all, either way, you are learning valuable life skills that you can use both on and off the sports field.