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Post Trip Revitalization

More than a big event to which campers look forward each summer, trips are way for campers to refresh and come back to camp feeling revitalized. As fun as camp trips all, the period after trips is always a special time when spirit is high and everything seems even more fun than it did before… 続きを読む »

The Action Never Stops!

Every day at summer camp is a busy one with a seemingly endless amount of activities for campers. The guest blog this week, which comes courtesy of the Camp Laurel blog, explains just how much action takes place at camp. Our Outdoor Tripping Staff have taken campers all over the state of Maine:  From Camden… 続きを読む »

Sports, Activities and Trips Galore…

Sports and adventures are an integral part of the camp experience. That’s why we selected this feature from the Camp Laurel blog for the guest blog this week. Our overnight camping program is one of the best parts about going to camp in Maine.  Yesterday, four groups of campers headed out for camping excursions to… 続きを読む »

Camp Trips

Campers love their camp campuses. They’re green, picturesque, and often feature facilities for just about any activity a kid can dream up. One thing campers also love, however, are camp trips. Camp trips are a lot like school field trips. They’re a special time away from the daily routine. Campers get to board buses with… 続きを読む »