Spring Cleaning and Prepping for Camp

Brant Lake Dance Camp

I know that it’s a bit early but, I am definitely thinking of Spring. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved all of the snow that we’re having at Brant Lake this Winter but, I find myself crossing the street just to walk in the sun.   

I’ve decided to do Spring Cleaning early. I guess you can say that I’m trying to give Spring a little nudge, (or maybe because I can’t find my Airpods). I know, you’re thinking, why am I writing about Spring Cleaning on the Dance Camp BLOG? Well, for two reasons

  1. An unexpected snow day is a great time to sort through all of your dance clothes and make room for new! I mean, we all have that leo lurking in the way back of the drawer that we have loved and can’t say goodbye to but, maybe we need to do a @MariKondo and thank it for all it has given to the joy in our lives and move on.
  2. Make a list of my favorite things that I can’t live without and are coming to camp with me. (Clever how cleaning up can bring us to this list.)


  1. My comfy cozy slippers (to walk to breakfast in)
  2. My good luck green headband (We’re going to win this summer!)
  3. XL water bottle
  4. Yellow rain jacket (because, we believe that when the rain is bouncing off the ground, it is still keeping me dry.)
  5. Tie dye tank (/shorts) for Tye Dye Tuesdays                                     
  6. My Hawaiian print shirt for Luau
  7. Coda (you remember da puppy!…stuffed with rainbow sprinkles?…)
  8. Comfy old tee shirt
  9. RAINBOW TUTU (I found it in the back of my drawer!)
  10. Animal onesie

So, don’t wait for the next snow day, do your Spring Cleaning and make your Top Ten List to bring to camp this summer.

(Special thanks to our Directors of Fun, Liv ‘n Sassy who helped put this list together.)