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Behind the Scenes of America’s Finest Summer Camps

Future Campers:  What if we could relieve some of the nervousness and questions you have about heading to your camp right now? Lucky for you, we’ve tracked down one of America’s Finest Camps favorite camp counselors, who has agreed to give us the inside scoop to prepare you for your first trip to camp! Meet… 자세히보기 »

International Campers at America’s Finest Summer Camps

One of the great things about summer camp is having the chance for kids to meet other kids who they would have never met at their local school or in their neighborhood. Spending the summer with people from all different cultures is a learning experience in which everyone can benefit. America’s Finest Summer Camps welcomes… 자세히보기 »

5 Ways Kids Can Stay Healthy At Camp

Parents want to make sure their kids have fun and stay safe at camp, but a main concern for many parents while their kids are away is how to help them stay as healthy as possible. Before you send your kids off to experience the summer of a lifetime, get them in the habit of… 자세히보기 »

Playing Outside at Camp!

Attention kids: If you’re still trying to find ways to convince your parents to send you to one of America’s Finest Summer Camps, you’re in the right place! You’ve worked hard in school; maintained good grades, stayed out of trouble (for the most part) picked up extra chores around the house, and have left pictures of… 자세히보기 »

Living with Peers at Summer Camp

It can be emotional to think about, but one day we will have to help our babies pack up their stuff and move them into a dorm, apartment or house of their own. We have to send them off with the hope that all we did to teach them how to be productive, respectful and… 자세히보기 »

The Staff at America’s Finest Summer Camps

Everyone has that one teacher, babysitter, neighbor, family friend or other adult influence that has made a lasting impression on their lives; a person they credit with shaping and molding the person they’ve become. When you become a camp counselor, you become this and so much more to hundreds of children every year. A camp… 자세히보기 »

Camp Leaders

Confident leaders aren’t born, they’re made. And great leaders come from spending time at America’s Finest Summer Camps. Campers and counselors alike leave camp with a better understanding of how to serve others and act as positive role models for those around them. From the first day they arrive, campers are thrown in a group… 자세히보기 »

Outside Play at Summer Camp

A recent phenomenon child psychologists have been focusing on is environmental recreation. What is environmental recreation? It’s as simple as getting children into the great outdoors! Playing outside improves vision, promotes social skills, increases attention span, produces vitamin D, prevents future bone damage and reduces the chance of heart related diseases, diabetes and stress. Playing… 자세히보기 »

A Parental View on Summer Camp

Attending one of America’s Finest Summer Camps can be a wonderful experience for a child. Apart from being a fun place, camp teaches some important lessons of life. A child learns to do things on his own without realizing it. However, parents note healthy changes in the child as he/she learns to polish shoes, making… 자세히보기 »

Making The Jump From Day Camp To Overnight Camp

Whether your little camper is a marshmallow roasting, campfire-song-singing pro, or a novice to the summer camp world, your child eventually will want to make the jump from regular day camps to the highly anticipated sleep away camp. Sending your child off to overnight camp can be an emotional and anxious time for you and… 자세히보기 »