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When to Enroll in Summer Camp

If you’re a first-time potential camp family who has combed the websites, followed the blogs and Facebook pages, spent several weekends touring summer camps, spoken with the directors, and have made the decision that summer camp is definitely for your children, you’re probably wondering right about now when to enroll.  Even though the obvious answer… 자세히보기 »

The Decision to Return to Summer Camp

Deciding to return to summer camp is a big decision that many families are already making.  Sure, it’s difficult to think about summer camp when the temperatures begin to plunge and the holidays are just around the corner.  However, it’s actually the perfect time to decide about returning to camp. The camp season is far… 자세히보기 »

Summer at a Glance: First Year Counselor Thoughts

The guest blog this week is from Camp Laurel South and was originally posted to Laurel South’s bl0g on October 19, 2012. Orientation I had no idea what to expect! Old fashion Scout cabins? Canvass tents? Teepees? How rustic is this camp? The cabins are really cool though; they are definitely “campy”… but fun, clean… 자세히보기 »

Choose Your Own Summer Camp Adventure

There is a new trend sneaking into summer camps.  An increasing number of sleepaway camps are foregoing the traditional pre-determined summer camp schedule in favor of giving campers complete control over their summer camp experience.  This approach to summer camp has become  a particularly popular approach to the summer camp experience at session camps, which… 자세히보기 »

Preparing Children for a Global Life

This week’s guest blog comes from Camp Weequahic: The world is shrinking. It’s a line you hear over and over because it’s true. First, steamboats and railroads made it possible to ‘easily’ travel distances once thought unimaginable. Then airlines made it possible to get anywhere within 24 hours. Now, the internet and our smartphones allow… 자세히보기 »

One of the Most Memorable Summer Camp Activities

Most traditional  summer camps are in the thick of one of the biggest parts of their summer program.  In fact, the event itself is nearly as big of a tradition in and of itself as the concept of summer camp.  It’s what everyone sees on movies or television shows about sleepaway camp and wants to… 자세히보기 »

Beating the Heat and the Sun’s Rays

It’s summer, which means it’s hot outside.  Each summer, sleepaway camps field dozens of calls from parents regarding heat and sun care.  Parents appreciate learning that America’s Finest Summer Camps take a great deal of care in helping campers and staff alike be sun-safe.  Campers are encouraged to carry water bottles with them in order… 자세히보기 »

Summer Camp Helps Children Maintain Routine

Summer camp is a lot of fun.  One need only ask any camper on virtually any summer camp campus to confirm that notion.  Children love the activities and the relatively relaxed environment of sleepaway camp.  However, there is something else that summer camp children crave, although they might not know it:  structure.  Dr. Laura Markham… 자세히보기 »

What’s in a Summer Camp Meal?

Continuing with our series about camp nutrition, in this blog we will address one of the most common inquiries made by parents who are considering sending their children to summer camp:  What will they eat? While the food itself may vary from camp to camp, the strategy behind menu planning is inevitably the same—to provide… 자세히보기 »

It’s a Camp Thing

If you have children who attend sleepaway camp, work at a sleepaway camp, or know anyone who attends or works at a sleepaway camp, chances are that you’ve heard this at least once in your life: “It’s a camp thing.”  For those of you wondering what that means, here’s an exclusive look inside the world… 자세히보기 »