Sharing at Camp

Sharing is a value heavily instilled in campers from the moment they arrive at camp. When you step off the bus you join a community of people who look out for one another as family. Not only is this important during the summer, sharing is a skill that campers carry with them beyond the conclusion of camp. Sharing makes others feel good and in return, you also feel valued and warm inside.

Sharing can be spotted around the corners of camp in many forms. Campers sharing tutus and stickers,  speakers and decks of cards. The list is varied and endless!

Additionally, our bunks are shared spaces for campers and counselors alike, and throughout the summer everyone learns the importance of working together within this area. The real demonstration of our campers’ fantastic sharing capabilities are proven during inspection when everyone shares the responsibility for taking care of their bunk.

Many physical items are shared at camp, although perhaps the most important things shared here can not be touched or held. Time, laughter, friendship, advice and fun are all shared between both campers and staff daily and these things when experienced together at America’s Finest Summer Camps are magical.