Camp is Like Disney World, But Better

They say Disney is the most magical place on Earth, but ask any kid who has spent the summer at one of America’s Finest Summer Camps, and they’ll beg to differ. They’ll tell you of a place that feels magical, that sparks their imagination, a place they can’t wait to get to and a place… Read more »

Woodworking: it’s back in style!

  Have you been keeping up on Parks & Rec lately? Yeah, so have we. (You have to do something when you’re waiting for summer to start, right?)   Here at camp pretty much everything reminds us of camp activities, but apparently we’re not the only ones: and Nick Offermans’ goofy woodworking-obsessed character has gotten… Read more »

S’ouvrir au Monde

En tant que parents, on nous incite souvent à préparer nos enfants à un monde nouveau et « global ». Alors que certains expliquent que les fondements des interactions mondiales trouvent leurs origines dans les siècles passés, les technologies électroniques et de transport actuelles rendent les individus à travers le monde encore plus reliés et interdépendants. Ainsi,… Read more »