There’s Nowhere Like Camp Laurel

Campers come to camp with a lot of different things. They bring different life experiences, different expectations, and different strengths, ideas, and interests. But they all leave with the same things: lifelong memories, increase in skill and a whole bunch of new friends. Camp Laurel has a unique way of calming nerves of first time campers, and making everyone feel included. Counselors know their campers as if they were their own children.. It is a great camp for kids who are outgoing and kids who may be a little shy –because everyone finds a space where they belong. And speaking of space, the facilities at Camp Laurel are top-notch, and the high-tech equipment makes each activity that much more enjoyable.

From lush green fields for outdoor sports to a nine-mile-lake, fifteen all-weather tennis courts, to a modern fitness gym, , a 2,500 square foot dance studio to  a full Equestrian Center with 22 horses, not only does Camp Laurel offer incredible experiences, but beautiful spaces to do them in. In a world where kids try to navigate the “us” vs. “them” dynamic at school each day, Camp Laurel is a welcome change fostering inclusion, community, and togetherness. Campers come to Camp Laurel as strangers and leave with best friends for life.