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A Peek at What’s Happening at AFSC Right Now!

The start of summer 2011 is at hand and the always amazing staffs of America’s Finest Summer Camps assembled this week at their respective camps, excited to be with old friends as well as new and anxious to begin preparing for the campers.   We thought we’d take a moment to share the success of each… 阅读更多»

America’s Finest Summer Camps: More than 200 Combined Successful Summers

As part of iconic America, many American summer camps are steeped in rich histories.  America’s Finest Summer Camps are no exception.  We thought we would take a minute to share a brief history of each camp with you. Camp Laurel Camp Laurel was founded in 1949 and has been in continuous operation ever since. Its… 阅读更多»

Une Expérience Internationale du Camping

Dans un précédent blog, nous avons évoqué la façon d’évaluer si votre enfant est prêt à faire du camping. Nous avons indiqué que tout dépend de l’enfant et de sa maturité. Une maman, Christine, l’explique de cette façon : « chaque enfant est différent… chaque maman est différente… Je ne peux donc pas vraiment donner de conseil… 阅读更多»

Una esperienza di campeggio internazionale

In un blog recente abbiamo discusso sul come ritenere se i vostri figli siano pronti o meno all’esperienza del campeggio, sottolineando come ciò, in effetti, dipenda dal loro carattere individuale e livello di maturità. Una mamma, Christine, la vede in questo modo: “Ogni bambino è diverso, come pure lo è ogni madre… non penso quindi… 阅读更多»

A Summer Full of Adventure

Few people think of finding a summer job while bundled in scarves, coats, and gloves as they attempt to maneuver roadways and college campuses after the latest snowfall.  However, whether 2011 is the first time you’re considering a summer camp position or you’re a seasoned veteran, February is exactly the time to start the process… 阅读更多»

Camp: The Most Fun and Biggest Extended Family You’ll Find!

Before setting off for camp, some campers and their parents wonder about how they will fit in, since it’s natural to try and imagine new experiences ahead of time. However, like most adventures, camp often turns out to be wonderful in ways that can’t be completely anticipated! If you’re still wondering about going to camp,… 阅读更多»

A Whale of a Lesson

Have you ever heard of Humphrey the Humpback Whale? Before our campers (and many of our staff) were born, Humphrey’s odyssey held our nation’s attention for many, many days. Humphrey, as his name suggests, is a humpback whale. Getting turned around one day chasing plankton or following a misguided hunch, Humphrey found himself in San… 阅读更多»

What’s happening at camp right now?

How would you describe the essential elements of a summer camp? Do the adventures of spending days with peers, learning new skills, trying new activities, bonfires and skits, great counselors—all the fun of the whole experience—first come to mind? These are definitely important elements of summer camp from a camper’s perspective, but there are a… 阅读更多»

An International Camper Experience

In an earlier blog we wrote about how to judge whether or not your child is ready to go to camp and pointed out that it really depends on your unique child and their level of maturity. One mother, Christine, puts it this way, “each kid is different…each mum is different …so I do not… 阅读更多»

Gratitude – A Weequahic Core Value

It certainly is a good time to thinking about gratitude. Just following Thanksgiving, we just returned from our trip to the grandparent’s house, finished making our list of yearly ‘thankfuls’, and enjoyed spending some extra time with those most important to us. Thankfully, even the media gets into the action as well. I just finished… 阅读更多»