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It’s 2012 and the Countdown to Summer Has Begun!

It’s a new year and it’s time to get down to business!  Not that we haven’t already been down to business.  But now the countdown begins.  Over the next several months, we’ll be working to hire the most amazing staff.  Every year we say that and, honestly, we leave camp doubtful that we could ever… 阅读更多»

The Social Network–Summer Camp Style!

Our guest blog this week is courtesy of Patrick at Camp Starlight… If most Camp Starlight campers were asked to close their eyes and think about camp, their minds would be flooded with memories of times in the bunk, at campfires with their friends, winning a Wayne County game, or shaking their napkin in the dining hall…. 阅读更多»

Try Something New at Summer Camp

Weequahic is one of the best sleepaway camps in Pennsylvania, we offer a traditional co-ed summer camp experience, soccer, roller hockey, theater, etc–others are learning how to clear a ramp with their boards in the new skate park that made its debut in the summer of 2011 and instantly became one of the most popular… 阅读更多»

Choosing the Right Summer Camp Program

One thing that is essential to a successful summer camp experience is a solid summer camp program.  Sure, summer camp is full of fun activities, but scheduling those activities throughout the summer so that every camper has equal opportunity and experience can be challenging.  Some camps prefer to divide all of the daily activities equally… 阅读更多»

Create a Camp Atmosphere All Year Long

Just because your children are no longer at camp doesn’t mean you can’t create a camp atmosphere in your home.  There are several things you can do to keep the camp spirit alive all year long. This doesn’t have to be a radical flip of the switch that completely eliminates conveniences and luxuries from your… 阅读更多»

Come Rain or Come Shine…

Do you ever wonder what happens at camp when it rains?  We assure you, it’s nothing like those scenes in movies that depict bummed out campers forced to spend entire days in their cabins or bunks .  Typically, it doesn’t rain all that often in the northeast during the summer and, whenever possible, activities proceed… 阅读更多»

A Special Place for Girls and Boys

For older campers, one of the most profound and lasting advantages of camp is the opportunity they have to focus on being boys and girls.  Many summer camps also strengthen the safety of the camp setting by offering exclusive programs that help teenage campers gain a better understanding about how to best grasp the transition… 阅读更多»

Crazy Days and Whacky Nights

Parents, do you ever log onto your computer to check out the camp photos for the day, see your child painted in blue from head to toe or maybe wearing a crazy wig and big nerdy glasses and wonder, ‘What in the world?’  The answer probably has something to do with your summer camp’s special… 阅读更多»