Echo Lake Sunsets

Camp Laurel 

Everything at camp is moving. There are friends to see, activities to do and memories to be made all the time. One of the joys of being a camper is there’s always something happening, even if it’s just hanging with cabinmates and counselors. Often times it isn’t until we’re back home when we realize just how great our summer was. We’ll remember a random talk with a camper from another cabin on a walk to the Field House. Or a time one of our counselors organized a goofy game in the cabin. In real time, it can be hard to appreciate these moments as they happen minute to minute.

But every now and then, everything at camp stops for a few moments and feels perfect. The place this happens most often for me is seeing the sun go down over Echo Lake. The sheer beauty of the scene can force us to stop and appreciate the colors in the sky, the warmth of the sun and the beauty of being surrounded by great friends. And that’s the true wonder of camp.

It isn’t simply the sunset, the friends or the counselors, it’s how it all works together. And a sunset over Echo Lake reminds me to appreciate every moment I have at Camp Laurel.