During the day, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping at America’s Finest Summer Camps. However, this year, For the First Time in Forever, the “Snow [Glowed] White on the Mountain” in the summer camp theater. Summer 2019 was the debut of the musical Frozen at camp.

The excitement and anticipation for this spectacle were growing all week. The campus was buzzing with talk of Frozen with everybody excited to hear their favorite songs, with a special nod to Let it Go. While most of the camp was out enjoying our standard activities, a select few were in the theater rehearsing every song, every step until it was perfect.

Finally, the night had arrived. The theater looked different than it ever had before. The windows were blacked out. Extra lights hung from the ceiling. The set was the beautiful town of Arendelle, prepared as a show in the round. The lights turned off and the audience was silent as our theater director introduced the show: “Ladies and gentlemen…” The camp responded, “…And children of all ages.” It’s showtime.

Campers and counselors marveled at each number as the cast sang favorites, but they had to try not to sing along. Then, finally, the moment had arrived. A thirteen-year-old girl stood at the top of the icy stairs, looked at the camp, and began to sing with such grace and perfection. She NAILED Let it Go as the whole camp watched in awe.

The whole show saw laughs from Prince Hans and Olaf, amazement from Elsa and Anna, and chuckles from the trolls. At the conclusion of the show, the whole camp joined together in singing Let it Go to show the true spirit of camping. The whole camp sang in harmony as campers wrapped their arms around one another. It was just another one of those truly special moments at camp for which campers would say “You had to be there!” Whether you were there or just watch the video, Frozen was still a spectacle at America’s Finest Summer Camps.