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Camp Changed My Kid

I was nervous and excited to send my son Connor to one of America’s Finest Summer Camps this year. Connor’s best friend attended camp the summer before and could not stop raving about it. So after plenty of research and discussions, we decided to let Connor spend the summer away. I won’t lie, my “mommy… Read more »

Siblings at Camp

The guest blog this week was originally posted to the Camp Starlight blog on February 11, 2014. Chances are, they spend the majority of their time bickering over who gets to be in control of the remote, or, while traveling on your family vacation, you constantly hear the infamous “Mom, he/she won’t stop staring at… Read more »

The Laurel Camps’ Melting Pot

The guest blog this week was originally posted to the Camp Laurel and Camp Laurel South blogs on January 1o, 2014, and speaks to the tremendous diversity of the campers who call sleepaway camp their summer home. Walking around the Laurel Camps on a typical day, you may not notice the vast geographic diversity of… Read more »

Use Social Media to Explore Summer Camps during the Off Season

We can hear the echoes of parents the world over now…’Start thinking about what?  Now?  We just finished filling out school paperwork!’  True.  Next summer is ten months away.  Trust us; we keep a countdown.  Newsflash:  summer camp enrollment is right around the corner.  In fact, for many camps, new camper enrollment is already underway…. Read more »

The “Special” Experience of Summer Camp

Actress Jami Gertz, a summer camp alumni, once said, “There is something very special about being away from your parents for the first time, sleeping under the stars, hiking and canoeing.”  Although on the outset this seems like just another quote about summer camp, the use of the word “special” makes it standout.  “Special” is… Read more »

When to Enroll in Summer Camp

If you’re a first-time potential camp family who has combed the websites, followed the blogs and Facebook pages, spent several weekends touring summer camps, spoken with the directors, and have made the decision that summer camp is definitely for your children, you’re probably wondering right about now when to enroll.  Even though the obvious answer… Read more »

Looking at a Summer Camp but Can’t Come to Us? We’ll Come to You!

Starting about now and over the next couple of months, it seems that advertisements for summer camp fairs are everywhere you look.  Though many families begin researching summer camp in late fall or early winter (or some as early as the summer before), as soon as the snow starts to melt, they realize how close… Read more »

Ora è il momento di iniziare a scegliere un campo estivo

Non è troppo presto per cominciare a pensare a mandare i figli al campo estivo la prossima estate. Non vi è certamente carenza di campi estivi americani e trovare quella giusta per i vostri bambini è essenziale per il loro successo lì. C’è molto a cui pensare, il che rende il momento giusto per cominciare… Read more »

Choosing the Right Summer Camp Program

One thing that is essential to a successful summer camp experience is a solid summer camp program.  Sure, summer camp is full of fun activities, but scheduling those activities throughout the summer so that every camper has equal opportunity and experience can be challenging.  Some camps prefer to divide all of the daily activities equally… Read more »

Learning Self Reliance at Summer Camp

This week’s guest blog is from Camp Starlight… When the time comes to make the decision about sending a child to summer camp, many parents worry because it will often be the first time their children will be “on their own”.  How will they decide what to wear, what to eat, and in which activity… Read more »