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Ughhhh….Camp is over and of course, NOW summer is over too! This stinks! I mean being back home is kind of a buzz kill. School’s no fun, homework’s lame and dealing with my little bro is like, BRUTAL! All I can think about is how much fun I had away from here, with all my… 阅读更多»

What I Learned From My Campers

When I arrived at America’s Finest Summer Camps as a counselor this past summer, I knew exactly how I wanted every camper to feel. I was on high alert for the shy ones, the scared ones, the nervous ones. I was looking for the nail biters and the ones with the look of “wow this… 阅读更多»

10 ways everyone can totally tell you went to summer camp

You want to play outside no matter the weather The rain-or-shine attitude is something that sets summer campers apart. After all, rock climbing and waterskiing waits for no one — you sure aren’t going to miss out on the time of your life just because of a spring shower!   You always want to work… 阅读更多»

Camp Changed My Kid

I was nervous and excited to send my son Connor to one of America’s Finest Summer Camps this year. Connor’s best friend attended camp the summer before and could not stop raving about it. So after plenty of research and discussions, we decided to let Connor spend the summer away. I won’t lie, my “mommy… 阅读更多»

Participating versus Competing

My son Austin lives and breathes soccer. He is captain of his school team, plays with the neighborhood kids on the weekends and plays in recreational leagues. He watches soccer on TV, researches player stats online and is even part of a soccer club. To say he is competitive is an understatement. His sister, Emma,… 阅读更多»

Trying New Things

Trying new things builds character, self-esteem and confidence. It allows you to be vulnerable, allows you to trust yourself and others, and allows you to grow as an individual. Trying new things, like spending the entire summer away from your bed, your dog, and your parents may seem like a scary endeavor, but thousands of… 阅读更多»

5 Ways Kids Can Stay Healthy At Camp

Parents want to make sure their kids have fun and stay safe at camp, but a main concern for many parents while their kids are away is how to help them stay as healthy as possible. Before you send your kids off to experience the summer of a lifetime, get them in the habit of… 阅读更多»

Outside Play at Summer Camp

A recent phenomenon child psychologists have been focusing on is environmental recreation. What is environmental recreation? It’s as simple as getting children into the great outdoors! Playing outside improves vision, promotes social skills, increases attention span, produces vitamin D, prevents future bone damage and reduces the chance of heart related diseases, diabetes and stress. Playing… 阅读更多»

Making The Jump From Day Camp To Overnight Camp

Whether your little camper is a marshmallow roasting, campfire-song-singing pro, or a novice to the summer camp world, your child eventually will want to make the jump from regular day camps to the highly anticipated sleep away camp. Sending your child off to overnight camp can be an emotional and anxious time for you and… 阅读更多»


参与美国最好夏令营可能是您小孩的一次有趣体验,夏令营不但提供多种活动,而且更让儿童学习生活的各方面。夏令营是儿童的一个独有体验。 充满乐趣的地方 夏令营可以遇到不同学校,同州或不同州的学龄儿童,而且夏令营提供课外活动,运动,远足,游泳,烹饪和其他具教育意义的活动,是个充满乐趣的地方。它更是个让孩子们学会共同生活并且需要相互合作完成不同任务的地方。在一个小小的营地,很多与活动有关的事情会发生。 夏令营每天都是新的一天,需要学习新事物。孩子们会结识新朋友,并就不同主题分享意见,是个很好的学习过程,同时有助激发他们的个人潜能,以完成不同任务。 团队合作 跟学校环境不同,夏令营让孩子们以合作的形式进行活动,他们被教导需要团队合作而非个别行动,这对孩子们是一个有用的经验,学习团队合作在生活中的重要性。 多样化环境 来自不同地区的小孩会定期参与夏令营。美国最好的夏令营也会接受海外儿童参与,当中有来自拉丁美洲,欧洲及亚洲等不同地方的孩子。如此多样化的环境可确保参与者获得独特的学习体验。 他们有不同经验,可为营地带来不同技能和知识 – 有些擅长运动,有些喜欢远足,有些喜欢生火,而其他则可为新活动提供建议每个小孩都会为营地提供独特的东西,与其他学生分享想法和技能,使夏令营成为所有参与儿童的理想学习体验。 户外营参与者要学会在统一的环境中共存。孩子们天真无邪,他们不会被种族主义和偏见等负面因素冲昏头脑。相反,营地管理团队会教导他们相互合作。当他们分享和合作时,他们会学到生活的道德品质,从而影响他们的未来。夏令营的主要目的不仅是让学龄儿童相互认识,而是为生活做好准备,让他们可利用简单事情来实现伟大目标。不论是攀绳,生火,烹饪或爬山,夏令营是教会孩子们重视生命的宝贵一课,在营地所作的决定可锻炼他们成为未来的生活领导者。