When to Enroll in Summer Camp

If you’re a first-time potential camp family who has combed the websites, followed the blogs and Facebook pages, spent several weekends touring summer camps, spoken with the directors, and have made the decision that summer camp is definitely for your children, you’re probably wondering right about now when to enroll.  Even though the obvious answer might seem to be when the snow melts–right about the time your children begin complaining of having to spend so much time inside and you hope the snow melts soon so that they can before you pull your hair out—most camp families are beginning to think about packing by then.  Welcome to the world of summer camp!  In fact, summer camps typically open early registration in late fall.

Because camps typically have a very limited number of remaining spaces after returning campers and their siblings commit to another summer, the earlier you enroll the better.  Aside from guaranteeing your new campers a place at the sleepaway camp of their choice, it gives you adequate time to begin planning for the summer ahead.  After all, now that you’ve made the big decision to send your children to summer camp, you’ll want to set your campers up for success.

Camps often give returning campers the first opportunity to enroll, and use the return rate as a way to determine how many new campers they can accept.  However- there are almost always  spaces in certain age groups throughout the year.  Call the camp – they will help you and be the best source of availability!

If you’re a new or returning family who is not quite ready to commit yet, reach out the camp and let it know that you’re interested.  Share concerns if you have them and get answers to questions.  The camp is more likely to reserve a place for you if you are communicating with the directors than if they don’t hear anything at all.  And, of course, if you’re a little behind the game, never assume that the camp of your choice is full.  Sometimes additional space opens late in the registration season and camps can accommodate late comers.  Always contact the camp!

We can’t wait for you to join us next summer!