Month: May 2011

What is ACA Accreditation?

The American Camp Association (ACA) is the parent organization of American Summer Camps.  The most reputable American summer camps voluntarily adhere to standards set by the ACA and, in search of accreditation, undergo a thorough evaluation process every three years during which their processes, facilities, emergency plans, staff training, and operations are very carefully scrutinized… Read more »

Do You Know the History of Summer Camp?

Today, we feature a guest blog from Cole Kelly, Camp Weequahic Director. Do you know the history of camping? Most people don’t and it’s too bad. It’s an interesting story and I’m happy to give you my take on it. Back in the early 1900’s, several individuals and families, seeing the swelling slums in the… Read more »

A Glimpse at Orientation…The Training of Camp Staff

Every summer you pack your children up and entrust them to the care of others for the summer.  Have you ever wondered what sort of training is provided for your child’s summer camp staff?   For summer camp staff members, the season begins at least one week before the campers arrive with Orientation. What is… Read more »

Summer Camp Rentals Make Camp Possible for Grownups Too!

Admit it.  You’re jealous.  Your children go to summer camp each summer.  Then they come home and tell you about it, and you wish that you could go to camp, too.  Well, you might be able to.  Did you know that many summer camps offer facility rentals during the “off season”, typically from mid-to-late August… Read more »

10 Things to do before Your Children Leave for Summer Camp

10 Things to do before Your Children Leave for 10. Complete all of the camp paperwork.  This provides the camp with valuable details about your child that they can pass onto their health center and counselors.  Knowing your children’s interests before they arrive helps the camp place them into cabins or bunks in which they’ll… Read more »

Famous Faces of Summer Camps

Have you ever thought about what your bunkmates might be doing ten or twenty years down the road? Maybe you have said to one another that you want to come back some day and be counselors, division leaders, and maybe you even dream of being a head counselor. But did you ever consider that the… Read more »

Summer Camp: Improving Your Child’s School Performance

Sure parents send their children to summer camp to have fun.  And letters home detailing exciting moments during the summer usually more than assure them that they’re getting their money’s worth.  But did you know that summer camp also may improve a child’s performance in school? For one, there is routine.  Yes, it’s summer camp…. Read more »